Music. Grunge. Punk. Indie. 90's. 80's. Jazz. Classical. 60's. Metal. Rap. Music. Spooky. Thriftin'. Dark fashion. Anime. Weed. Cigarettes. Animals (cats especially.) Analytical Virgo.

Pursuing a career in healing those with the sound of music. #MusicTherapy

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Whalestep-Excision ft. Stickybuds

So, I put this on my iPod before I knew the song. Didn’t really realize what amazing shizz was possessed on my iPod ‘till one day, I was on Wal-Mart and I put dubstep on shuffle and this came blasting into my ears I was like…what godlike beats have made their way into my ear canals? Thisss song made my day(: 

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